How U"Balance Hair Care Came About.

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 This week I would like to start out by saying that it is a great pleasure to share with you a few words on how my journey started as a product creator. Today I will be sharing with you the reason why I decided to start  a product line, it wasn’t based off of copying someone else or why not everyone else is doing it,  I started my product line because I had clients constantly asking me what products sure I use my hair it  is so dry and when I do go to purchase the product the supplier are no longer selling the product you recommend. 

Living  in Arizona dealing with dry heat  and hard water is a struggle on your  hair you have to find a product that will give you the moisture  your hair are lacking so you can maintain a healthy scalp and hair. That is when I started to do my research on hair care products in finding a manufacturer company that will provide me with results. My first intent is to do the research. Make sure I have the funds to purchase what I needed. I reached out to several different companies. Finally a big break,  I had reach out and connected with a colleague in the beauty industry  and she connected me to a small manufacturer company. At first I thought I had found what I was looking for in this company but low and behold I need more so I decided to do a little more research and I happen to stumble across this particular manufacturer it were a match for me. To make a long story short I  had contact the manufacturer to request samples . I started to use them on myself and the clients. I had enough samples to last for a while. A month later I was able to make a decision on which products  to select for my brand. It was my goal to start out with seven products to be able to offer what the clients needs for them stay on top of their hair care regiment. U’Balance is an all natural ingredient product it is a plant-based product, parben free. 

Below is a list of my eight products that I am retailing. 

1. U ’Balance Moraccon Oil Shampoo 

2. U’Balance  Moroccan Oil Conditioner 

3. U’ Balance Moisture Lock Leave- in Conditioner 

4. U’ Balance Hair & Scalp Healing Oil Treatment

5. U’Balance ’Balance Silk & Smooth Styling Serum 

6. U’Balance Seal & Shine Themal Mist 

7. U’Balance Sleek Edge Control 

8. U’ Balance Twist & Define Styling Foam 

You can purchase these products on my website